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how i met your mother lims.

it's going to be legendary!

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Welcome to himym_lims, a last icon maker standing community dedicated to FOX's how i met your mother. If you'd like to participate, please read the rules first and then comment on the sign up post!

01. If you'd like participate in this lims, comment to the sign up post here. Include your username and the secret words. You will be accepted only if you joined/added the community so you don't miss out on challenges.
02. By signing up you are automatically given one skip. Good news is you can earn an extra skip if you promote the community and link us to your promotion here.
03. You can't use your skips in the first challenge or the last challenges where only 5 participants remained.
04. If you don't enter by the deadline you will be disqualified. If you have skips you automatically use your skip. You can skip two challenges in a row, but only if neither is forced skipping.
05. Don't vote for yourself or tell your friends to vote for you or against others, that's just tacky and will get you disqualified.
06. Your icons must fit LJ standards (40 kB, 100x100, etc.) unless stated otherwise. No animations, you are allowed to use brushes, stock images, textures, etc.
07. If you're disqualified or eliminated, you're still very welcome to vote in challenges. There will also be a special challenge which might get you back in the competition.
08. The magic words are it's going to be legendary. Include it in your sign up comment so we know you read the rules.
09. Enjoy!
If you have further questions, feel free to ask us.

Please try to get your entries in before the deadline.
On Sunday, the new challenge gets up.
You have until Friday midnight or so (GMT) to enter.
The voting is put up on Friday or Saturday.
The results are announced on Sunday along with the new challenge.